Since I discovered yoga for the first time, I am constantly amazed at the many synergistic effects of movement on the breath and the perception of myself in relation to others and to myself.

On my trip to Asia in 2016 while suffering from hip pain, I discovered Rolfing®. It was the missing piece of the puzzle to my understanding of the body and its movements.

Rolfing® works directly with connective tissue, which gives us a much better understanding of the body in relation to all everyday activities in the field of gravity.

For a long time, connective tissue was considered to play only a structural role, but it is now increasingly attracting the interest of the world of science. “Fascia”, which surrounds the bones, organs and muscles, is the only tissue that runs through the entire body from the toes to the crown of the head.

  • An accident
  • An operation
  • Lack of exercise

can cause a disorder and/or a compression in the connective tissue, which can be the cause of chronic tension in the long term.

The targeted work with Rolfing® allows these adhesions to be released and the tissues to be realigned. The special feature of this method is that our understanding and perception of gravity is constantly improving.

The practitioner is constantly reminded through his posture, his way of moving in the field of gravity and his awareness of his surroundings that he is the sole actor in this process.

The Rolfing® session

A session in where the focus is on reading the body, posture as well as your gait. Manual work on the fascia to release adhesions and align the body in gravity.

60 minutes

Discover Rolfing® by booking a special back massage that combines Rolfing and essential oil massage for a deep relaxation of the tissues and mind.